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Higher Education & Workforce Development

Charles Winnsboro advises US-based higher education institutions on penetrating the African market with online and hybrid certificate and degree programs. Our current initiatives include the development of a leadership program for the African Diaspora, in collaboration with a leading African entrepreneur and an HBCU (historically black college and university); and a hybrid program in business and information technology offered by a leading university in the South Eastern United States.

Healthcare & Telemedicine

Charles Winnsboro also is advising (and, through our captive law firm Charles Winnsboro PLLC, providing legal counsel to) select healthcare and telemedicine startups focused on sub-Saharan Africa. These startups are led by medical professionals with impeccable academic and professional credentials who are qualified to practice in Africa and the United States. We look forward to providing more information about these companies as they complete their fundraising and make public announcements.

Financial Services

Charles Winnsboro is developing a hybrid remittance and pooled investment vehicle focused on sub-Saharan Africa and entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora. The company is working with leading financial firms to deploy and scale this solution.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

Charles Winnsboro is an advocate for the transformative potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology in Africa. For our thinking on this topic, please take a look at our blog posts, including “Charles Winnsboro and Blockchain.”

Legal Services

Corporate Law, Financial Services, Data Privacy & Regulation

Through its captive law firm Charles Winnsboro PLLC, the company provides legal services to its clients. Charles Winnsboro’s principals are qualified to practice law in Nigeria, New York, and Washington DC. Our main areas of expertise include corporate finance, blockchain/DLT, corporate law and governance, and data privacy and regulation.